Tuesday, June 19, 8-10pm, $8

Fontana’s, 105 Eldridge Street, New York, New York 10002

Each month, Spill! brings together storytellers, comedians, sex educators and others to share true tales from their own experiences of sex, desire and romance. With stories as diverse as the people telling them, Spill! opens doors to bedrooms, back seats and dungeons to tell what your mama left out about the birds, bees and in-betweens.

Join these adventurous storytellers as they tell of forays into new terrains:

Hosted by Jefferson (One Life Take Two, Bare!)

Lori Baird (Kinky Sticks)

David Clarke (Comedian, Journalist)

David Crabb (Ask Me, Bad Kid)

Heidi Galore (Storyteller, Ex-Cop)

Musical guest Corey Sky

. . . and you! You’ve got stories of first-time foibles. Try your luck by putting your name in the hat for a chance to spill all on the Spill! stage.

And still more! One lucky audience member will win Spill’s sex-toy raffle, courtesy of Babeland.


Jefferson is the curator and host of Spill! A sex educator and writer, Jefferson keeps a pseudonymous blog, One Life, Take Two, that details his life as a parent and pervert. He is a storyteller frequently seen on stages, including The Moth, where he is a StorySlam winner. He also curates and hosts the monthly series Bare! True Stories of Sex, Desire and Romance based at Brooklyn’s Union Hall.

Lori Baird

Lori Baird is a writer, editor, and storyteller. A two-time Moth StorySlam winner and Moth podcast featured storyteller, she’s performing on June 20th at Drawn-Out Storytelling and on June 27th at Connotation. She’s launching a podcast, “The 45-Minute Happy Hour,” featuring comedians, storytellers, and other interesting folks talking about their experiences in psychotherapy.

David Clarke

David Clarke is a well-intentioned writer and comic. By night, he performs stand-up, improv and sketch comedy. He loves playing with his musical improv team, “Spin the Bottle,” improvising musicals that would make Stephen Sondheim weep. By day, he writes award eligible articles for The Montclair Times. He says things on Twitter @DavidClarked. Check him out!

David Crabb

David Crabb is a performer, writer, director and storyteller in New York City. He is a two-time MothSlam champion and co-producer of Kevin Allison’s Risk! He is also the co-creator/producer of the live storytelling series Ask Me. David has been a member of NYC’s Axis Company Theatre since 2003, developing original material in New York, Paris and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. His one-person show “Bad Kid” was met with critical acclaim and enjoyed its second New York run in 2012.

Heidi Galore

Heidi Galore is a former police evidence collection agent in Virginia, and is a current crime analyst for an organization focused on finding missing children. She’s told hilarious and scary stories at several local shows including the Risk! podcast and live show and AKA Variety Pants. During the one four-month stretch in which she was single, Heidi once spread the rumor that she was a slut, which resulted in her first of several near-one-night-stands. Soon after this boost to her ego, Heidi met and married the Chameleon of Burlesque, Bambi Galore, and they moved to Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Heidi now enjoys numerous near-one-night-stands together with her wife.

Corey Sky hails from Corvalis, Oregon, where he began playing guitar and singing in high school with the hope of impressing girls. He first took the stage as a Junior, attempting a cover of the Animals’ “House of the Rising Sun.” He was too nervous to play and stumbled through the song a cappella. Mortified by the experience, Corey gave up music forever. “Forever” ended  just before he arrived in Brooklyn, where he is a prolific songwriter and performer.

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Spill! True Stories of Queer Sex, Desire and Romance takes place every third Tuesday at Fontana’s. Also visit our monthly companion show Bare! True Stories of Sex, Desire and Romance.